Wednesday, August 31, 2011

East Coasters Complain About Over-Purchasing Emergency Supplies

It is enough to make a reasonable person shake her head. East Coasters are actually grousing about dodging the worst from Hurricane Irene. Some are now regretting 'overstocking' for the looming disaster.

Unbelievable. Instead of voicing words of gratitude and feeling prepared for any storms to come, they are returning supplies and complaining about standing in lines to buy batteries.

It is as though they think there will not be another hurricane barrelling up the East Coast. It is as though they do not anticipate snow storms later this year. It is as though they will not use items such as water, batteries, or snack foods.

And, to the woman quoted in the article referenced above who regrets standing in one of those long lines for batteries because she only has one flashlight in the house to use said batteries? Either buy another flashlight or use a bit more common sense next time. Think of this as a life lesson.

The complainers are disrespectful to those who lost homes, automobiles, personal belongings, and most of all the lives lost in the storm. How would it be for those suffering to have to hear the complaints of those so self-centered?

News reports continued Tuesday that some two million people continue to be without power. It would be good to think of those living in North Carolina who received the worst of the hurricane's damages. And to the State of Vermont, with virtually every town fighting flooding.

An excellent suggestion was mentioned - if you find yourself with unneccessary supplies, especially food products, how about donating it to a food pantry in your community? That gesture would offset the bad karma being stored from petty complaining now.

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