Sunday, August 21, 2011

Team Obama Continues Tone Deaf Approach to Re-Election

Watching the Sunday morning talk shows it is clear on one front, the Obama team are still blaming everyone but Barack Obama for failing policies and schemes to set our country back on sound economic footing. While Barack Obama makes weekly addresses on video calling for rising above political ideology and doing what is best for our country his minions scatter and appear on camera doing that exact thing.

All the while, Barack Obama and the first family is enjoying a very tony vacation on Martha's Vineyard. While we would not deny the President a vacation with his children before school starts again - something any family can relate to - we are justified in criticizing him on his tactics. The optics - the buzz word du jour for public relations folks - are so very bad. Just as his frequent golf outings are seen as in-your-face and out of touch with so many feeling the pain of a bad economy, his choice of location for vacation is more of the same. He cannot speak of being a man of the people while continuing on with his very elite choice of lifestyle. Make no mistake, most of us realized Barack Obama was no regular Joe before ascending into the presidency. He led a very priviledged life, even as a school boy in Honolulu attending the most elite of the private schools. He became very accustomed to a life of only the best.

It is hard to imagine a more publicly partisan speaker than Barack Obama, even as he is President. From the bully pulpit of the Oval Office he has again and again blasted Republicans and opponents of his policies. Now he has jetted off to Martha's Vineyard just as he says he will produce an economic plan in September.

Why September? Because he truly has no plan - why believe it now when he has failed to produce one for almost three years now? - and he will make another speech (very different from a plan) and blame Republicans yet again for not going along to get along. He needs to blame Republicans in order to boost his dismal looking poll numbers and re-election plans. He cannot win re-election on his record and his absence of leadership so he will blame Republicans.

The brutal truth is this - Barack Obama is losing his own political base. The very far left liberals who counted on him to advance their agenda are losing faith in his inability to govern. Even Maxine Waters is openly criticizing her guy Obama. She recently appeared at a jobs fair attended by mostly black Americans and asked their permission to go after Obama on his record. Imagine that. She also, for good measure, lambasted the Tea Party. She said, "as far as I'm concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell."

And, he's losing the liberal pundits, too. Rabid Democrat columnist Maureen Dowd took Obama to task for not calling Congress back into session to work on economic solutions instead of continuing on with the posh vacation:

Cruising white Midwestern hamlets in his black bus, Obama tried to justify not calling lawmakers back to D.C. by saying they’d just continue to bicker. But what does he think they’ll do in September? The truth is, he doesn’t want them back in the capital any more than they want to be back. It would have screwed up his vacation and upset Michelle, who already feels trapped in the Washington bubble.

The staged photos of Obama receiving daily briefings on foreign policy and economics from cabinent members on the front porch of the vacation estate are ridiculous. They fool no one, except maybe Obama himself. Maybe he truly believes he is providing leadership. Which is sad because it proves he truly is in over his head and has not learned anything about leadership at all.

It is crucial that the GOP nominee provide a resume of past experience at higher levels than a rookie Senator from Illinois provided in 2008.

How's all that hope and change working out for us?

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