Saturday, January 07, 2006

Cookie Ordering Time

Happy Saturday! Our day began with a ringing doorbell at 9:30 this morning. The house was very, very quiet with son still asleep and Max the dog and me watching tv in bed. The sound was magnified by the silence. Dressed in my flannel nightgown, hey, it was cold last night!, I race Max to the door. I was all prepared to lecture whomever it was that the hour was a tad early for sales calls on a weekend morning. I open the door and there stands a sweet little eager face shining back at me. Drats. So much for indignation. It was a little neighbor girl and her daddy selling Girl Scout cookies.

I calmly asked her to come back in just a bit and I would be ready to place an order. She and her daddy politely thanked me and I shut the door, muttering to Max as I head to the shower.

I shower, dress, and dry my hair in record time. I gulp half a cup of coffee while waiting for the little girl to return. She was back in less than an hour, order form in hand. I made an order - two thin mints, one peanut butter, one shortbread - and prepared to write the $14.00 check. She says they are to be paid at delivery. That's unusual these days but I did as she said. Checkbook closed, pleasantries exchanged, and off she went down the block.

As I was a Girl Scout, back in the dark ages when a box cost 50 cents, I know the work that goes into cookie sales. I am a good customer to each kiddo that hits me up from the neighborhood. Last year only two girls caught me. We'll see how full the pantry will be of cookies this year.

Last night I watched "The Book of Daniel" on NBC. I admit the hype, both good and bad, got my attention. I don't understand what the hubbub was all about. I loved the show. It was a two hour introduction to all the characters and I thought it was really entertaining and well-written. Especially for network tv. Who can resist Aiden Quinn's absolutely beautiful blue eyes? I have always been a sucker for blue eyes. The two men in my life (calm down, now!), hubby and son, both have blue eyes.

Anyway, the theme of the show, I think, is that every human is only human. Doesn't matter if they are an Episcopalian minister or kid. The show incorporates all the subjects of debate in our society - religion, sex, drugs, marital fidelity, same sex partners, even Alzeheimers disease. Like I said, I really enjoyed it and was certainly not bored!

"Kindness is wisdom". - Philip James Bailey


Me said...

I have to admit that in the past 9 or 10 years (?) at least I've not really been approached to buy cookies! I had NO idea it was that time again.

I realize a lot of people don't go door to door anymore, and most workplaces have banned employee's bringing in the order forms because they claim it makes the co-workers feel 'pressed' and 'forced' to order, yada yada.

Whatever... I just know that it's been easy to resist because I don't get asked! LOL.

srp said...

My dad loves the Girl Scout cookies. I don't think any scouts came by here last year.

I can't decide if I like blue or green eyes best. Not hazel, I'm talking about that true green green eye. Rare.