Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ghetto to Gold

She was born in a Brooklyn ghetto 85 years ago. She died Saturday in Beverly Hill, California. Shelley Winters as a two-time Academy Award winning actress for more than five decades.

She received her first Oscar for best supporting actress in The Diary of Anne Frank, in 1959. Her second best supporting actress Oscar was in 1965 for her role as the vicious mother of a blind girl in A Patch of Blue.

Off screen Winters admitted to a hearty appetite for men and food. She named such actors as Sean Connery, Errol Flynn, Farley Granger, Sterling Hayden, William Holden and Burt Lancaster among those with whom she had affairs.

Shelley Winters died Saturday of heart failure at the Heart Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills. She had been hospitalized in October after a heart attack.

Rest in Peace.

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srp said...

I haven't had the news on today so I hadn't heard. She did do some remarkable work.