Friday, January 20, 2006

Fool of the Week

Drumroll, please...
The Fool of the Week designation goes to New Orleans Mayor, Ray Naquin.

During the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in New Orleans, Mayor Naquin decided to prove to his audience just how black he is truly. He chose to use the race baiting term of "chocolate city" when describing New Orleans.

Orginally the mayor claimed that the hurricanes of the past season were brought on by the wrath of God. New Orleans was hit because God is mad that we are at war in Iraq and God wants New Orleans to be a black city. Nothing like a speech laced with touches of venim to celebrate a man who appealed to our greater angels.

When challenged about the fact that God wants New Orleans to be an African American city, he quickly backpedaled and stated that New Orleans would be a chocolate city again. You know, you get chocolate by blending dark chocolate and vanilla together and the result is a delicious drink.

Mayor Naquin stated that he didn't care what the people of Uptown New Orleans wanted, a predominantly white population, New Orleans would again be an African American city. I guess Mayor Naquin forgot the people of Uptown New Orleans voted 90% in favor of the mayor in his election. Naquin received less than half of the black vote in the city.

The African American population has voiced concerns about the sincerity of the mayor to return the city to its previous ways. When he appointed the Bring New Orleans Back Commission it brought disapproval from some sections because the people appointed to the commission are mostly wealthy white men. You know, the mayor is dancing with the ones who brung him.

A political novice, the mayorial race was Naquin's first run for office. His lack of experience in civic leadership was saddly all too apparent as film coverage of the poor, the black, the elderly, and the sick populations of New Orleans exposed the lack of rounding up resources in a timely manner to survive Hurricane Katrina.

God doesn't care what the color of New Orleans looks like.


Karen said...

Yes, I agree that his choice of words was really unfortunate. As were Hilary Clinton when she said that George Bush ran the country or the government (can't remember which) like a plantation.

Why can't these people say words that unite instead of divide. Sad.

Here via Kenju via Michele's!

srp said...

We can only hope that this mayor and Hillary will both get their just rewards.... to be forgotten.

Hope your hubby gets back ok.
Just saw on the news that there is another mining accident. Now where are the conspiracy people... could Osama be trying a new method... "blow up or cave in all the coal mines." Hope they find these fellows with a better outcome than the previous one.

Sheri & SuZan said...

Oh I so agree with your post and the comments here. I was totally floored when I heard him say all that.

poopie said...

I have to agree with you. Racism comes in all colors and he's got it down pat.