Thursday, January 05, 2006

Today's Phrase

The phrase of the day: Hook 'em, Horns! Yeah, that's right. University of Texas beat USC in the Rose Bowl last night. I couldn't care less, as I am an alumni of neither, but you know, I live in Texas. What can you do? Go with the floe, as a penguin would say.

The news of Ariel Sharon's massive stroke is troubling. If he survives, and that is a big if at this point, he'll not be the same and won't be governing Israel. So much for the road map to peace in that area of the world. He has been a part of the history of Israel since it's conception and now the time has come for others to rise up to lead the peace process.

Hubby called Tuesday night and said he's still cold. He's being held over for some more testing on the oil rig. I guess after the drilling company gets someone of expertise there, on site, it is hard to let him go! He'll probably miss his birthday here on Sunday. It'll all keep until he arrives home.

The Jack Abramoff scandal will be the political story of the year. It is an equal opportunity scandal for both parties and that is where the entertainment lies, my friends. Yes, probably more Republicans are listed as recipents of money but that is to be expected of the majority party. What was surprising to me of the Democrats listed initially was the entry of Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island. He is listed as having received $139,000. What? I must have missed something along the way about the importance of that Kennedy.

I'm feeling full of random thoughts today. My body is a chemical kettle of different meds. I hope my body can sort it all out and everything goes to the right place. I take my usual blood pressure and thyroid meds first thing in the morning, per instructions, then I have to move on to Advil for my knee pain, another round of antibiotics for the head congestion, Travist and nasal spray on the recommendation of my physician and on it goes. Yuk.

I now fully understand why Leno has overtaken Letterman for so long in the ratings race. I rarely watch either but Letterman continues to show himself as just another angry moonbat. Leno is mature and usually funny, which is what he is paid to do. Leno has proven to be the right choice to replace Johnny Carson. Carson was funny with a biting edge but never abusive of guests. Letterman was just ugly with Bill O'Reilly the other night. I'm no big supporter of O'Reilly but it seems beyond the pale to me that Letterman criticises O'Reilly, saying he thinks 60% of what O'Reilly says is "crap", and in the next breath says he never watches the show. And the stooopid stunt of stirring the guest mug of water with a pencil just before O'Reilly comes on so the audience will laugh when he takes a drink? You see why he is a graduate of Ball State University, don't you?! Oops, how elitist of me.

So, today I am heading out to check out what kind of Mardi Gras decorations I can find at the party store. My mantle is clean and mostly bare after undecorating from Christmas.

"A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes." - Hugh Downs

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srp said...

I am an accidental alumna of University of Texas, the medical school in Dallas. I was only glad the horns won because I couldn't stand the arrogance of the USC team, supporters and the media (again). Usually I am anti-UT because in my first year at Bethany in Oklahoma, the Texans brought a tape of "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You" and played it for four hours straight in lab. At that point I would cheer for anyone who played them and the Dallas Cowboys. Then I turned around and married a Texan and went to grad school there. Go figure.