Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Moments

One year ago today, we saw the first tape of proud Iraqi voters showing off their purple fingers. Quite a year.

It is the Chinese Year of the Dog. I love our Max, but some days there are moments I question my fondness for him. Like this morning when I came home from depositing son at school and stopping at the grocery store for a few items. I walk in the house and greet the tail wagging welcome wagon, as usual. I make my way to the kitchen with bags and give Max a morning treat. Then as I round the corner to exit the room, I notice Max's handiwork. Yes, he tore open a trash bag that was waiting to be completely filled before taking it out to the trash can. Bless his heart.

I feel bad about ABC news anchor, Bob Woodruff and his camera man. People being injured by IEDs or other attacks is a tragedy. But what I worry about is the constant coverage of newsmen when they are hurt, killed or taken hostage. What about the other civilian casualities and hostages? If they are working for the government or for a company doing yeoman's work on contract in Iraq, does it make it any less newsworthy? Where are the hourly updates for them?

I do so hope the Democrats try to filibuster, against all reasonable odds, today in the Senate before the vote for Sam Alito. It's going to be a great fundraising tool in the upcoming mid-term elections. Thank you, Teddy, John Kerry, Diane Fienstein (after feeling pressure and changing her mind) and Harry Reid (ditto, same Diane). What a gift.

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop". -Mother Teresa

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srp said...

I took our Max to the vet. Little nodules keep popping up. Will know the results in a couple of days but the bad things are more likely than anything treatable. I'm thinking either mast cell tumors or possibly cutaneous lymphoma. Right now he is sleepy from benedryl (in case they are mast cell tumors and were stirred up during the aspiration.)