Friday, January 13, 2006

Fool of the Week

Drum roll, please....
The winner is Harry Belefonte, of course. Several Americans were strong runners up to this title, but Harry "Day-O" Belefonte is the winner.

Harry Belafonte, age 78, travelled recently to Caracas, Venezuela on behalf of UNICEF, as a goodwill ambassador. During a speech at a gathering, Belafonte referred to President Bush as "the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world". Hate speech by an American citizen towards the President of the United States on foreign soil brings treasonous acts to mind. Perhaps Toyko Rose is a heroine of his from an earlier time.

I almost decided to ignore this spectacle and award this week's honor to another but then I read yesterday's Houston Chronicle. In yesterday's newspaper, an editorial appeared denouncing Belafonte's speech. Now, the Houston Chronicle is a big city newspaper with a decidedly left of center outlook on reporting news. So, when the editorial board decides to denounce someone of their political leaning, I take notice.

Belafonte was in Venezuela leading a group of American activists. The group included the actor Danny Glover and Princeton University professor Cornel West. Belafonte spoke glowingly about Hugo Chavez, the socialist leader of the country. Chavez is a willing protege of Fidel Castro.

The editorial ended with the following quote: "Belafonte seems to take himself very seriously. No one else should". I agree. Yesterday when questioned about the sincerity of his remarks about President Bush, Belafonte affirmed the sincerity of his remarks and said "Stay tuned".

Someone who needs to get a life: Sean Penn. While appearing as a surprise speaker at an anti-war rally featuring Cindy Sheehan, Penn remarked of his difficulty with quitting smoking. He blamed anxiety associated with the Presidency of George Bush as the culprit. I can't make this stuff up.

"Courage is fear that has said its prayers". - Karl Barth


poopie said...

I'm not even a Bush fan, but that's just wrong.

Me said...

When I read the news I was thinking; "Oh Harry, just go back to singing about your banana's."

and sighed. LOL.

Jennifer said...

Sean's a gifted actor. And an excellent expamle of why actors should keep their day jobs.

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