Monday, January 09, 2006


Here it is Monday and not much to say today. Son is home not feeling well so not much for me to do but hang out and hope he feels better this evening.

Today the hearings begin in the Senate Judicial Committee for Judge Sam Alito, Jr. I am not paying much attention to it today as it is mostly the individual Senators and their opening remarks - 10 minutes each, and there are 18 of them - so I am channel surfing. Not much on for daytime tv if you aren't watching the news. I did see a good show on scrapbooking, though earlier on the DIY network. I have begun gathering supplies for this hobby and hope to delve into it this year. Lord knows I have photos out the wazoo that need attention.

So, I guess I'll go read more of the newspapers and see what I can learn.

"A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak". - Michael Garrett Marino


poopie said...

I'm doing my slug impersonation today ;) Hanging out in my jammies blogging.

srp said...

Sometimes I am surprised they manage to keep the roof on the capital rotunda..... so much "hot air" in one place cannot be easy to keep in check. ;)