Thursday, December 22, 2005

As Clean As It Gets

OK, the house is as clean and as organized as it is going to get this holiday. Fortunately my MIL isn't a clean freak or critical of clutter. Son was helpful yesterday as I was stressing about everything I wanted to finish. I still have to wrap presents, though. That can be done any time when son is distracted!

MIL suggested yesterday, when we checked in on her, that she and son go see "King Kong" Friday. He's looking forward to that extravaganza. I plan to see something else with the same show times, though. Something more my cup of tea.

I love reading comments from readers and I so enjoy all the new people I have met since I began this blog. I have been thinking about blessings and blog friends are one.

Not looking forward to the drive to the airport later today. It is always a zoo to do parking and getting to the terminal. She leaves on Monday and I plan to put her in a taxi for that. It's an early morning flight and I know it will be crazy.

Hope everyone is staying calm and moving forward. Stay warm.

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srp said...

Have a RESTFUL (as far as possible) Christmas with family. I really like quiet ones. My brother is here and between he and my daughter, it is a laugh a minute. Happy, Happy Christmas.