Saturday, December 17, 2005

Gitalong Home, Cindy, Cindy

Wow. Cindy Sheehan led a protest in front of the American Embassy in Madrid, Spain and only 100 people showed for it. The protest was also to memorialize Jose Couso, a Spanish television journalist killed in Baghdad in April, 2003. Is Cindy losing her star appeal? Even the Europeans, supposed to be so anti-American foreign policy, aren't flocking to Cindy's side? Wow.

Checked in with my doctor for the results of yesterday's bloodwork. All looks good. She thinks my body is fighting off a bacterial infection and is prescribing anti-biotics. All righty then.

It is cold and damp here. Rain seems to passed through now. Max the dog is pleased.

Off to get the drugs.


srp said...

Hopefully her 15 minutes of fame are over. We'll see if her liberal supporters drop her like a hot potatoe if she no longer has the draw.

Sheri & SuZan said...

What SRP said!