Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Heat Is On

Holy crap. It is so cold this morning I can't believe it. Icy roads in outlying towns. Even colder tonight. Son left his jacket, the new one, in the scout meeting room last night so we were digging through the coat closet for the older version. And the new neighbor, the woman of the pair, was too chipper with her good morning greeting, if you ask me. Bah, humbug.

I am so over the discussion of the decision of the air marshall to take out the potential bomber at Miami's airport yesterday. I think it is amazing that this is the first time marshalls have used their weapons since the ramped up program took effect after 9/11. I am sorry the guy was off his meds and it all happened but I applaud the marshall for using his training and doing his job.

Last night's holiday show was the White House holiday show with a glimpse into preparations for the season. The decorations are so unbelievably over the top beautiful, I was in awe watching these super busy people getting the job done. I would love to see it all up close and personal sometime.

Too many things to do to be sitting in front of this computer, but I can't help myself. It's so nice and warm in this spot. Even Max the dog isn't interested in going outside this morning. When I first let him out at the usual 5:15AM time today, I think he set a record for shortest time taken to pee. A personal best for him.

I don't like eggnog. Spiked or not spiked. It just doesn't taste good to me.

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