Wednesday, December 21, 2005


So, the big countdown is on. Pressure, pressure. Finishing up cleaning up the house as MIL arrives tomorrow. Doing the obvious stuff. The house won't be clean clean but such is life. These antibiotics I am taking kick my butt and the colder weather aren't helping me get out of bed.

I survived the trip to the Galleria Sunday afternoon. It was great to see old friends and have a good lunch visit with them. The reason for the trip was it planned by a 16 year old girl! My son and the other guy who were planning the get together with her didn't have anything better to offer as a suggestion. Kids. The family that moved to Australia was happy to see everybody. The mom sent out the coolest Christmas cards made by the Austrailian Red Cross as a thank you note. Four of us moms had lunch together and I picked up the check. No biggie, it was only Chili's! Since it was the time it was on a Sunday afternoon, the drive was relatively ok as was the drive home. My son and one of the other guys remarked that neither of them had been there since the 4th grade ice skating field trip they had at their old school!

Got my hair done yesterday so that puts a little zip in my step. Lots more highlights and good cut. My hair is getting lighter and lighter...

Not much more for me to say now. Just trying not to spaz out and continue on. My son's XBOX 360 came in the mail, remember I shop online as much as humanly possible. I went ahead and let him have it. Since it is just me and him and he is on school break, I thought why not. He picked out the stuff to order anyway so it wasn't a surprise. He'll have other stuff to open on Christmas Day and his stocking. I still do a stocking for him. And Easter basket, too. Can't help myself. A perk as an only child, I suppose.

Today's Christmas cd: "Christmas Rocks!", a mix of everyone from Elton John, Chuck Berry, to B.B.King, and Elvin Bishop. Keepin' it lively today!

Everyone stay safe and warm.


srp said...

Nyssa works until Friday. Then she wants to go back to Williamsburg to finish her shopping. This is such a bad idea. I still have a couple of things to get and much to wrap. I really like the fellowship and family at Christmas and don't care that much about the gifts.

AC said...

I still do Jenny's stocking too. It is just so much fun. Perks of the only child, yes indeedy. I am one too and my husband wishes he was.

The Chili's here has some really good mexican eggrolls.

I wish you a happy Christmas. I know you miss your husband--such a long way away.

After the holidays, I'd like your opinions about Texas Tech and Baylor University. They both have the grad program my daughter is considering but I'm not familiar at all with the two towns and know nothing about the schools.

Sheri & SuZan said...

You know Karen, I do G2's stocking too (and Easter basket etc..). Yes, perks of the only child. I've ordered online also G2 is getting an IPod Nano and Alamo Bowl tickets (his big gifts).

Glad you lived through the traffic around the Galleria.