Sunday, December 11, 2005

Staying Warm, Inside and Out

Son is wearing a Santa Cap around the house. It was purchased yesterday when he accompanied me to the grocery store. The cap is a nice one with white "fur" trim and a white "fur" pom pom at the cap's end. The clincher, though, for him is the Texas A & M University logo! That's my boy.

Son doesn't care that much about wearing regular baseball style caps worn by the guys. He has many with all different logos on them, from school names to sports teams names. He marches to a different drummer. When he went to the local downtown aquarium he chose a hat as a souvenir. This aquarium showcases three white tigers. I don't know why, but it does. Son came home with a hat with the white tiger stripe design. He calls it his pimp hat!

We have quite a collection of Christmas cd's in this house. I count 17 in the pile I choose from to listen to as I putter around the house. Currently in the cd player is Luther Vandross. What a smooth, velvety voice that man had. Next up - Elvis Presley, Blue Christmas. I like variety!

Hubby packing for trip tomorrow. He is packing his own Santa cap to celebrate Christmas as the day comes there. Lucky for him that Russia celebrates Christmas, too.

Arnold, make the decision about Tookie Williams already. Enough. Everyone and his brother is on tv waxing poetic on the whole thing. Now the LA police are worried about riots if he doesn't grant clemency.

Stay warm, y'all. I have Belgian waffles to make and a house to clean.

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srp said...

I don't care if he writes 50 kids books, it is vulgar for him to be nominated for a Nobel prize (or more likely what a joke the prize has become). He wiped out four people, doesn't admit it and violent in prison. I hope Arnold stands up to the Hollywood idiots and refuses to commute the sentence.

If they want to push for something let them help the guy in Mississippi who shot a policeman when they invaded his home without knocking, without declaring who they were, just kicking in the doors. He was there with his infant daughter, in the middle of the night, grabbed a gun to protect her and shot.

The police had a warrant, just not for his side of the duplex. They had the wrong address. They invaded his home illegally. But he is sitting on death row for murder. Now that is something Hollywood should get up in arms about, not a cold-blooded killer with a huge bank account.