Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Eagle Has Landed, But Why?

The house across the street from us was vacant and on the market for about two years. Finally, after it had some major renovations done, a young couple bought it and recently moved in after being married. Today, as I was walking to the driveway to head out to pick up son from school, I glanced over to their front yard as I made my way across mine. Something caught my eye and I did a double take. What the hell? Something very large and green and inflated was anchored in their front yard. Turns out to be an Eagles football player inflatable thing. Yeah, that'll coordinate nicely with our light up candy canes by our front walkway. Bless their hearts.

I baked a devil's food cake today and frosted it with vanilla buttercream that I laced with some peppermint extract. Yummy. Next time I frost a cake, my son suggests I use chocolate icing with peanut butter mixed in. That's my boy!


Sheri & SuZan said...

Eagles eh? Boy are they in the wrong State.

srp said...

I've seen a college name spelled out in Christmas lights on the roof of a house here. Takes all kinds.