Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Teenager Is Snoring!

Quite a wet morning out there today. Son's Boy Scout project has been postponed until next month. The troop was to plant 15 live oak trees as a service project this morning at the church that sponsors the troop. And since it is 39 degrees with the rain, not so much interest with the adult leaders. I let Max the dog out at 5:30, as usual but now he has to cross his legs for a while.

Today's morning treat is pepperridge farms' cinnamon swirl bread, toasted, along with the mandatory mugs of java. I can't believe we still have a couple of Christmas mugs, penguins of course, that have made it through all these years. I bought them in 1985 in Dallas when hubby and I were living there - during the oil crash of the mid 80's- and I picked them up at a Fitz and Floyd's warehouse sale. I love Fitz and Floyd's stuff. They have a new outlet not far from me and I am very excited about that.

I am looking forward to seeing "60 Minutes" this Sunday. Not normally a thought I have but I saw a blurb in yesterday's newspaper from Morgan Freeman, a fine actor and native of Mississippi, that intrigued me. He says the concept of a black history month is "ridiculous". He says black history is American history and can not be relagated to a single month. He rocks my world. He says there is no white history month and the only way to get rid of racism is to "stop talking about it". Amen.

How many times have I, as a white woman raised in the deep south, rolled my eyes at the charge of racism being slung, no matter what the real or imagined transgression? Overuse of the charge leads to complete ineffectiveness. Even acts of mother nature this past year have been blamed on our white president. Remember Kenye West's charge at the telethon that George Bush hates black people. What a truly moronic thing to say but of course he is up for a grammy award now. The moonbats in charge of the entertainment industry loved it. Average Americans didn't and they are the ones buying the products but, hey, don't worry about that.

I have lived in the deep south and I have lived in the Midwest and I have traveled this country. I have encountered many more instances of blatant racism in the northern regions of this country then in the south. And in the Northeast where all the intellectuals dwell? Please.

I already admired Morgan Freeman because, as a native of Mississippi, he has opened a restaurant in his hometown and supports the community. Giving back. He could be bitter and loud about the segregated south in which he grew up but instead goes the other route.

Bless him.

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srp said...

Racism goes both ways. There are blacks who are as militantly racist towards whites as the KKK is towards them.

My experience in Mississippi was one of mutual respect, at least in our town. To Nyssa who essentialy grew up there, they weren't black or white, they were just her friends.