Monday, December 13, 2010

Boehner Interviewed on 60 Minutes

Quite telling, really, that 60 Minutes persona Lesley Stahl reacted to incoming Speaker of the House Boehner's pledge to cut all of the GOP House budgets resulting in a $25 million savings as "fairly small". That is the mindset of the big government liberal - the group in which Stahl identifies - the response that if the action is other than huge and overwrought, it is not enough. Well, reducing federal spending has to start somewhere and Boehner was trying to explain that this action would be the beginning. A jumping off point.

Boehner rightfully told Stahl that incoming revenue - in the form of raising taxes - is not the problem resulting in an out of control federal deficit. It is the out of control spending that has created the mess.

"Excuse me, Mr President, I thought the election was over", Boehner responded when asked how he felt when the President referred to the GOP as hostage takers. That is a slap that Obama himself used in response to John McCain as the GOP and Democratic leadership negotiated in the photo op summit about health care reform. You may remember Obama telling McCain the election was over and it was time to move on to problem solving from campaign rhetoric.

Stahl is concerned that Boehner may not be the deal-making Republican leader he is known to be, that he may be more unyielding now that the Tea Party and other Independents ushered in the biggest sweep of electoral victories since 1938. And, Stahl is puzzled by Boehner's frequent displays of emotion, rather it is replying a strong "hell, no" while bucking up the GOP to stay united, or in addresses as he chokes up and tears spring to his eyes. Funny, I don't remember Bill Clinton questioned about his lip biting and phony tears during his presidency.

Oh, right. Republicans aren't regular human beings.

Stahl referred to his emotional displays as "water works". Nice, Lesley. Limosine liberals from the upper East or West side of Manhattan are so classy.

Stahl was surprised that Boehner and Ted Kennedy were good friends. While Obama referred to him as a "bomb thrower" and would have new challenges when he becomes Speaker of the House and not Minority Leader lobbing criticism at the administration, Obama has met his match.

While Stahl all but giggling and plays pattycake with Democratic leadership interviews, she made the extra effort in sounding stern as she questioned Boehner. She asked Boehner why he had never played golf with Obama, as they are both enthusiastic golfers. Boehner said usually it is the President who does the inviting. He was polite enough to not mention that this president doesn't get together with those in the opposite party socially as other presidents have in the past. This president shuts out the GOP instead of being that "post partisan" guy he promised to be.

Stahl badgered Boehner about compromise. She, as liberals do, think the art of compromise is when Republicans do it in favor of Democratic agendas. It is not a two-way street, this process of compromise in politics.

And, yes, Boehner teared up a couple of times in the interview. During the segment with Debbie Boehner, Stahl showed some surprise that Mrs. Boehner never moved to Washington, D.C., choosing instead to stay in Ohio and raise their two daughters there. It was another regular American in flyover country versus Manhattan elite moment. Debbie Boehner was asked by Stahl if her husband "cries all the time". Debbie Boehner said, no, but this is a unique time for her husband as he ascends to a position very few have held. She said he is coping with all that it entails.

Boehner did well in the stereotype busting department. Liberal journalists hate that.

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