Sunday, December 12, 2010

Clinton to Obama: "Please go."

An amusing, or not, tidbit from the joint appearance presented by President 44 and President 42 recently with the White House reporters was as Obama made his exit and Clinton began his half hour of uninterrupted attention from the press. Not to be taking the blame for bailing out on President Clinton, Obama made reference to the fact that he had already kept the First Lady waiting for attendance to a White House Christmas party.

After Clinton took a question on last month's Democratic election defeats, Obama announced: "I've been keeping the First Lady waiting for about half an hour, so I'm going to take off ...

Clinton said, "I don't want to make her mad, please go."

That Michelle, she's a scary one.

It was odd. It was Clinton telling Obama to run along, I don't want to make Michelle mad. A weak looking president looked even weaker. It wasn't supposed to, of course, but it stop to the dynamics of the situation. It was a cringe-worthy moment.

Now, Obama has taken credit for the tax bill compromise in his weekly radio address. Of course he did. It is always all about Obama, 24/7. He immodestly grabs credit for bringing together Democrats and Republicans in cobbling together the deal.

Obama re-writes history as he is in the middle of it. Amazing.

Actually it was the voters stampede to the voting booths on November 2 that booted the Democratic majority out of power in the House of Representatives and came just short of doing so in the Senate over the hideous handling of the economy so far by Team Obama. Then, taking the message to the president, Senate Minority Leader McConnell sent a letter to him stating that the Senate GOP would not allow any business in the Senate until the issue was resolved on tax code renewals. The Republicans were presenting a united front on that action and Obama realized in order to get the other issues handled in the lame duck session he would have to begin working with Republicans. Obama sent over Treasury Secretary Geithner to smooth the way.

Obama's reality and true reality continue to run different paths.

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Beverly said...

I could not believe what I was watching when I saw that, but then, why should I have been surprised?!