Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CPAC Without Social Conservative Hypocrites

This type of bigotry does not speak for me or my conservative friends. This is stomach turning, hateful, myopic and unChristian behavior.

Two of the nation's premier moral issues organizations, the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, are refusing to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference in February because a homosexual activist group, GOProud, has been invited

FRC and CWA join the American Principles Project, American Values, Capital Research Center, the Center for Military Readiness, Liberty Counsel, and the National Organization for Marriage in withdrawing from CPAC. In November, APP organized a boycott of CPAC over the participation of GOProud.

I find myself in some kind of bizarro world with my political party. Normally speaking, the CPAC crowd is a bit on the too conservative side of my philosophy, but I understand the wing of the party that is socially conservative first and foremost. I am a Baby Boomer with a range of life experiences that allow me a broader perspective in thought. Too bad the social conservatives do not show the same respect to others.

So, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) supported Senator David Vitter in his re-election bid after Vitter was caught sleeping with prostitutes but can't support conservative homosexuals? The hypocrisy of the social conservatives is what causes the trouble within our party. Often it is those who are bellowing loudest about 'family values' that are leading lives of their own differently. Who are any of them to judge another?

None of us are without homosexual people in our lives, whether we know it or not. It is sad that some would place prejudice over common sense. If it is on religious basis, what church do they believe supports exclusion rather than inclusion? Is this their idea of Christian love? What would Jesus do? I grew up in the Presbyterian church - in a Deep South state - and do not believe this is what the Scriptures teach. Christians come from a place of love and encouragement not bitter exclusion.

It does not diminish a person to support others of different lifestyles. The traditional family is still strong in America. GOProud is to be welcomed within the Republican party as they support conservative political philosophy. With our nation in such dire straits, we need every conservative voice to fight the Obama agenda.

I will proudly support the CPAC gathering this year.

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Molly Mommentator said...

I absolutely agree. If social conservatives feel self-righteous in their indignant behavior, they themselves are nothing but "sinners" themselves. We are to love our neighbor. Whatever the final story is about gay or heterosexual is up to the Great I Am to decide. The appearance of GOProud is not to dwell on our differences but rather our similarities. To reject that philosophy is mighty disgusting. This, from a social conservative herself.

Thank you for standing up and shouting about this.