Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Texas House of Representatives Gains GOP Super Majority

Two Democrats serving in the State of Texas House of Representatives announced a party switch. The announcement was made by the Republican Party of Texas chairman Steve Munisteri. Standing with Munisteri during the announcement were Governor Perry, Speaker Straus and Attorney General Greg Abbott, as well as the two Democrats.

I am excited today to welcome Representative Allan Ritter of House District 21, and Representative Aaron Pena of House District 40, to the ranks of the Republican Party. Both of them have told me that they no longer were comfortable with the direction of the Democratic Party, both here in Texas, and nationally, as it has dramatically shifted to the left under President Obama. I have had an opportunity to visit with local party leadership in both of their districts, who inform me that former Democrats such as Allan Ritter and Aaron Pena will be welcomed into the Republican Party in their locale. Obviously, this is an important milestone for the Republican Party of Texas as it ensures that we will have a super-majority in the House of Representatives. We look forward to adding to these numbers in the days to come.

The super majority status is important. This makes it possible for the House to suspend rules and for business to be conducted even in the event that the Democrats walk out of a session en masse as has happened in the past. Like children having a temper tantrum, Democrats fled to the State of Oklahoma instead of remaining and conducting the peoples' business. It was a cowardly and dishonorable act.

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