Monday, December 06, 2010

Hypocrisy Alert! Democrats Concerned About Tax Code!

The hypocrisy flag was raised and flapping in the wind as the Democrats found willing fans in the American media with microphones to stand before and feign empathy of the American taxpayer. Well, for those not labeled as "millionaires" and "Billionaires".

One example is Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). After the Senate vote, which didn't allow anyone's taxes to rise at the beginning of 2011, he even used the word "hostage" to describe the opposition's tactics. He claims the tax cuts are being held hostage by those voting against penalizing success in our country. Problem is, no one will receive a tax cut - renewing the existing tax code, enacted ten years ago - it simply keeps in place what is on the books now. If it is not extended, or renewed, everyone's tax rates rise.

The hypocrisy is that Schumer and the Democrats have known all though out the legislative year that the tax code must be attended to by the end of 2010. The Democrats have been in control of both houses of Congress since 2007. With the election of Barack Obama as President in 2008, all of Washington is run by the Democrats. Instead of moving to answer the tax code question, they chose to push other issues and leave the most important - to the American people - to the end of the session. It is utter malpractice that the Democrats have not produced and voted on a budget - the first time in decades - and only now in the lame duck session moved to vote on continuing appropriations bills to keep the government running 15 days at a time.

If Schumer and Obama and all the others hogging the microphones with sob stories and crocodile tears over the difficulties facing the struggling middle class in this country truly were sincere, this loggerhead would not have occurred. Only now is the White House expressing a willingness to bring in the GOP to work out a compromise. Plus, the President is insisting on extending unemployment benefits - already at a 99 week high mark - without offering a way to pay for them. This from the Democratic Congress who promised PAYGO would be enforced.

Sen Menendez of New Jersey compares negotiating with Republicans as negotiating with terrorists. Not only did the Democrats receive a "shellacking" on November 2, they continue to operate as though nothing has changed. Once the new GOP senators are sworn into office in January, it will be impossible for Senate Majority Leader Reid and his deputies to ram through any business without Republican support.

Checks and balances. It's a beautiful thing.

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