Saturday, December 04, 2010

Democrats Talk About Civility Yet Act Otherwise

If Democrats would like to see more civility on Capitol Hill between the two parties, in order to work together, I suggest they check themselves. It is easy to say the minority party is just being uncivil because they are criticizing on policy differences. The problem arises with Democrats who have made it their practice to devolve into name calling and phony drama.

Senate Democrats are frustrated because they do not have the votes to only extend the tax code expiring at the end of the year to only those earning $250,000 and less. A handful of moderate-leaning Democrats are coming together with all of the Republicans and intend to vote for all the tax code to be renewed, including for "the rich". Rational people understand that raising anyone's taxes is a dreadful idea in a recession.

Senator Bob Mendendez compares working a deal with the GOP on the tax code about to expire to negotiating with terrorists. I'm not kidding. You can watch the video here.

Another fine example of civility on the part of Democrats? MSNBC show host Chris Matthews claims the GOP are "mean" and "nasty" and want to "put a heel on your neck", you know, because they are so much worse than those angelic Democrats. His liberal panel members dutifully agreed and chimed in their two cents worth on the evil Republicans in Congress. Here, listen for yourselfav

And, just for good measure, Senator Claire McCaskill wants blood running in the streets unless Republican Senators cave into her wishes and raise taxes on absolutely everyone earning a living in America. You can see her performance here.

Notice the trend? For the Democrats it is "do as I say, not as I do." They expect Republicans to follow along as sheep and make the job easy. The opposition party, well, opposes the majority. It is the job of Republicans in Congress to make votes on common sense logic. There is absolutely no history of a tax increase ever boosting the economy in a recession. If anything, it hinders recovery.

Hey, Democrats! You want civility? You go first.

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