Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Labels Launches Plea for Civility in Politics

A group of political insiders has come together to launch a movement that will focus on calling out those in the public eye who do nothing to advance a civil tone in politics. No Labels launched in New York City as a movement, not a third political party.

Here's the list of those forming the coalition according to the website:
Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Congressman Bob Inglis
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Congressman Tom Davis
David Brooks
Joe Scarborough
Mika Brzezinski
Senator Joe Lieberman
Senator Evan Bayh
Senator Joe Manchin
David Gergen
Governor Charlie Crist
Lt Governor Abel Maldonado
Congressman Michael Castle
Ellen Freidin

You may notice most are Democrats, most are liberal in leaning. Some are truly confused and sway with whatever political wind will bring a win in their own election - Charlie Crist, Michael Bloomburg jump out in particular. Mika Brzezinski? She receives and parrots talking points directly from the White House.

It is interesting that they call themselves a coalition, a movement, and specifically state that it is not the formation of a third political. These are the same folks who belittle the Tea Party movement and name call those participants in the rallying crowds. The Tea Party has never claimed to form as a political party either.

And, for example, Joe Scarborough is known for his willingness to bash Republicans though he is a former GOP congressman from Florida. I understand his call for common sense in the actions of public officials - that is a recurring theme of my writing, too. It is sorely lacking today. But, he is no example of civil behavior if he continues to criticize others (Sarah Palin) as people even after they leave political office but remain in the spotlight.

This group leans liberal yet the worst behavior seen in the Bush years and up until the present comes from Democratic side of the aisle. So, you'll excuse me if I'm highly skeptical.

Some recent examples of off the charts bad rhetoric from the Democrats:

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said it was time for citizens to "take up pitchforks" in her bid to add fuel to the fire of class warfare in the tax code extension debate.

New Jersey Senator Bob Mendenez said negotiating with Republicans was the equivalent to negotiating with terrorists.

President Obama compared the GOP to hostage takers. Hostage was the word of choice in the Democrat's talking points as the bill was cobbled together in the Senate. Those Republicans, holding the middle class hostage because they wanted all income levels to avoid a tax increase in this time of a sputtering economy.

Perhaps the new coalition should begin with challenging this hyper-partisan President to moderate on his rhetoric towards Republicans. Lead by example.

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Dr. Christina Jeffrey said...

This actually makes sense. Where are people to go who are fundamentally conservative when it comes to their money, but are just too high-toned to consort with gun-toting, wild-eyed libertarians and Christ-invoking evangelicals, not to mention the unwashed tea partiers. They really need their own club and voila, here it is! As long as they don't start a political party, we should be happy to have a place to recommend their natural allies. In politics, one is very likely to run across potential members at precinct meetings and other places where they, frankly, do not fit in, because they don't want to fit in. I think we should congratulate "No Labels" and spur them on. Their existence is a step forward for the political system.