Sunday, December 18, 2005


I am stoking up with caffeine - the last of the Community brand dark roast laced with CoffeeMate's Toffee Nut creamer - and about to prepare Belgian waffles for the boy and myself. I am hoping that enough caffeine and sugar will bode well with the rest of the day. This afternoon son and I are to meet some friend at The Galleria. The Galleria, a hugh rather upscale complex of shopping hell. The only way I would agree to such a dismal way to spend the Sunday before Christmas, for me anyway, is because some old friends, now living in Australia, are in town and we want to see them. Son is meeting up with a conglomerate of pals to visit with the son in the family and I am meeting the mom for lunch and talk.

I am not a mall person. Have not been in ages and hope to continue on as so. Malls are boring. Cookie cutter stores with overpriced merchandise so that the franchises can pay overpriced rents within a totally artificial setting. Not my idea of a fun time. This place we are heading out to is know for its skating rink - a novelty in hot, humid Houston, and for premier stores like Neiman Marcus - Nirvana to Texans.

Time Magazine made interesting choices for Person of the Year, don't you think? Bono, my man, deserves the honor, no doubt. I love his passion. But Bill and Melinda Gates? Huh? Honor him for giving away his money but never for the way he changed the world with the personal computer? And Melinda, what, because she married Bill? So, the libs who love to speak with disdain of capitalism now honor it when the person is giving away said dollars made thru raw capitalism? Hmm. Interesting.

Hubby called from the neighboring country with Russia last night. He is fine and working. Trying to stay warm, no easy task. He is searching for a fine, warm Russian style hat. Son put in his request for one, too. The phone connection was especially poor but it's always good to hear from him when he is gone. I am grateful to be married to a man who is so good about calling home whenever the opportunity presents itself.

To The Galleria. Onward.


srp said...

Bless you my child. I avoid the malls like a plague. Actually, I believe the malls are the true source of the rats and plague.

Sheri & SuZan said...

*shivers* I don't do malls! Before I got smart and went back to school to become an OT, I worked in the Wonderful World of Retail. I'll go on occasion now, but always kicking and screaming.

poopie said...

Not a mall person here either. Nor a superstore person. I sent my girl child to the superstore last night to do the dirty deed ;)

Jennifer said...

I was quite shocked by Time's choices. Not because I disagreed with them, but because of the events of the year just past. It was a rather out of the box selection, I thought. Good on 'em.

Hope you survived the mall trip. I noticed you haven't posted since...


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