Thursday, May 17, 2007

Column A, Column B

Today's cool breeze and low humidity were a welcome relief from the 90 degree temperatures we've had for the past 4 days. It was 80ish and spectacular. I was out most of the morning running errands and it was so comfortable.

I did see a bit of the press conference with Bush and Blair though. Both fine strong men when the need is there.

I read in today's newspaper that author, historian, professor Douglas Brinkley will be a tenured professor at Rice University next year and is moving the family here. They came here when they evacuated from Katrina, he teaching and writing at Tulane, so it's not a big surprise. I guess he wants a bigger pond. I run hot and cold with him. He either irritates the snot out of me or I find myself smiling and nodding to what he is saying. He wrote the book about John Kerry during the 2004 election to counteract the Swift Boat Vets so maybe the book he did on the Katrina experience resurrects his image with me, but not much. The leader of the Swift Boat Vets, John O'Neill lives here so that's a bit of irony. I read he has a new book coming out, an edited book 'The Reagan Diaries' so I'll be interested in that.

Funny. History takes a bit of time to reveal the true person, doesn't it. At the time, Reagan was called stupid, gullible, 'an actor', and all sorts of nasty remarks by those opposing his politics. After his death and all the lovely letters he authored and his journals came out, we see what a proficient writer he was after all. He truly changed history with Margaret Thatcher and the Pope.

He understood big ideas and the big picture. And, he was a good man.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi, aka Grandma Mimi came into her leadership position and declared her congress would be the most ethical of all? Did you flinch when she said that? When someone feels the need to tell you how ethical they'll be, watch out. Like when Clinton came into office and declared the same thing. His administration ended up with indictment after indictment from the get go and then he was impeached for lying to the feds.

Well, Grandma Mimi almost pulled quite the maneuver yesterday. Fortunately the Republicans were awake and ready to take her on. Seems Grandma wanted to change the rules of the House to make it a breeze to raise taxes. It involved jerking minority floor rights, the ones that have been in place since 1822. Yes, 1822. The House Republicans, lead by Rep. Eric Cantor, the deputy Republican Whip, fought back and a surprised Grandma had to rethink that decision.

Remember how she whined and complained when her party was in the minority and those mean Republicans insisted on doing things their way? Remember she made a point of saying the minority would be able to offer amendments and be heard like she felt the Dems weren't while in the minority? Again, when someone feels the need to bellow from the rooftop about how great they'll be? Yeah, not so much.

Score: the American people 1, House Dems 0. Now, Grandma needs a timeout. Her political ear is a tin as Hillary's after all.

The last day of classes at my son's school is a week from today. I'm ready for the break. He'll do a quick course in summer school but just one and it's in June so he'll be free for the big Scout excursion to west Texas and Big Bend camping in July. Woo hoo.

My stylist, Trinh, will be doing my color and cut Saturday afternoon. I'll feel much better then. She is a miracle worker. I love that gal. She's first generation American, maybe I'll talk a little immigration reform bill with her... I'm thinking she's not too thrilled with the whole amnesty thing.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Because of the pending illegal immigration agreement - only the House can save the Rule of Law - I've given up on both parties. President Bush, to me, is incompetent and, a politician. Nothing more. Perhaps he has screwed up Iraq. Certainly if his handling of illegal immigration is a guide.
Maybe I can convince 12 or 13 million Americans to riot and trash D.C., we can receive Amnesty too, which it is, call it what they will.
I donate to few causes but Swiftboats was an exception. Every time I see John Kerry I do feel so good.

Wait, you're happy your son will be able to go to Scout camping or, you're happy he is going?

Beverly said...

I'm glad that someone was listening when Nancy was speaking.

I just got my hair cut and colored. It always feels so good.