Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This and That

Sometimes I have too many thoughts wandering around my brain. Distraction sets in and I have trouble focusing long enough on any one subject to write out a somewhat literate post. I blame it on menopause hormone brain. ADD in the AARP years. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I gave myself the gift of a good read this past weekend. I read "It's Not All About the Cookin'" by Paula Deen and a co-writer. I do so love a biography, or an autobiography, as the case may be. She is a really interesting person. All kinds of good stories in her life's tale. Plus, the woman can cook. I just think people are fascinating.

I'm trying to take more of a break from so much 'political wonk' reading and enjoy some books normal people read.

My son is reading the new book out that is "Children of Hurin" completed by the son of JRR Tolkien. It's the story leading up to the Lord of the Rings series. My son is a huge fan of all things Lord of the Ring. Took 30 years to write. 30 years.

My son is at the point of submitting his Eagle Scout project for approval by the board in the District. Finally. The project is to build squirrel cages for a local wildlife rehab rescue center. It has to be completed by his 18th birthday, which is going to be here before I know it. He is my Labor Day baby.

The project is a bit ironic as Max loves to chase squirrels more than just about anything in life. And, unfortunately, he has been known to catch one now and then.

And, my baby takes his SAT Saturday. Yikes.

The company the husband is with is having a crawfish boil tomorrow at lunch for clients. I won't have to worry about cooking much for him for dinner tomorrow night. The husband ate prime rib twice, twice, last week for lunch. Once with his boss and a client, the second time with his old boss and his client. The bosses picked up the tab. Life's rough, huh. Normally he skips lunch as he gets busy but then he was on a roll.

The dog and the cat both got new collars this week. Both red with different designs. Max the dog is stylish in his paw print collar and Oreo the cat kept his 'cat friendly' geometric design on for less than 24 hours. It had a bell on it and the easy breakaway latch. A little too easy, we discovered. Rascal.

We'll see how long Oreo stays in the not so cat friendly collar I bought for him today.


Anonymous said...

I do want to go to New Zeland, especially now that I know the hobbits and Gandalf were there. I read all the Lord of the Rings books outloud to my sons. When the movies came out they wanted me to see them with me.

I like that: ADD with AARP. (If I didn't get that right it's just another symptom of it).

Beverly said...

Lunch sounds good! That book sounds like one that my son would enjoy.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Gee, Karen, pack him a lunch, he's not eating well at all.
Colleen got to the ADD in the AARP before I did. I love acronyms. I find the government ones inscrutable but funny at times.

srp said...

I read the Lord of the Rings when I was in high school back in the dark ages of 1968 - 1970... long before it became popular to read. Of course, never doing anything the easy way... I read the first book, the third book and then the second book.... I couldn't get the second book for some time. Then I read the Hobbit. Even went to a Halloween party as a hobbit once. Let's face it.. looking back... I was a geek... probably still am to some extent although Nyssa calls me "emo". I am still not sure what that really means and probably don't want to know.