Tuesday, May 29, 2007

H/T Rightwing Nuthouse

Breaking news from Rick Moran's blog, Rightwing Nuthouse:

"We knew the political affiliation of every lawyer and political appointee we hired at the Department of Justice from January 1993 to the end of the Administration," says a former Clinton Department of Justice political appointee. "We kept charts and used them when it came time for new U.S. Attorney nominations, detailee assignments, and other hiring decisions. If you didn't vote Democrat, you weren't going anywhere with us. It was that simple."

"Remember, we had our own separate database that we could cross check if we had names. Everybody today forgets about the databases we created inside the White House. It's funny no one talks about that anymore. We were doing stuff far more aggressively than this White House or the Department of Justice did."

That is a quote from a source close to the previous administration in a news publication.

Shocking, I know.

Again, political appointments are, as named. POLITICAL. And the Clintons are nothing if not political. They live and breathe politics. It is their only life. To have hacks like Chuckie Schumer, the Chair of the Senate Re-election Committee for heaven's sake, take on the Justice Department and it's handling of political appointees is shown over and over again for its absurdity. Grow up and find another way of whacking Bush.

The difference in then and now? Kinda obvious, isn't it?

This administration is not as polished and artful with the communication department. The Clinton's? Old pros and so was every member of their team. George Stephanopolous even got a Sunday morning show out of it. Yeah, no blurring of the lines there.

Deja Vu.

Thanks, Rick.

You can read Rick's post by clicking on his blog on my blogroll. He does good stuff.


srp said...

So why is there a problem with the firing of prosecutors? Clinton's administration had more clandestine information on people than Nixon did with Watergate and now people want Hillary? She is covered with even more slime than Willie.... slimy snakes, the two of them.

AC said...

Yeah, I keep thinking Travel Office/Clintons/Travel Office/Clintons.