Monday, May 14, 2007

What a Dork

The guys arrived home late Saturday evening and had a terrific time rafting the Guadalupe River. My son has sunburned knees. I sent sunscreen with them but for some reason he thought his knees to be immune to sun rays. So, he's been dousing them with aloe since he came home.


This morning started out reasonably well for a Monday. After dropping the son off at school, I stopped by the grocery store for a few items. After collecting said items, I proceeded to the checkout area. Mind you, this is a nationally known grocery store chain. It is recently remodeled but still a bit smaller that the mega store version of the chain. I usually only stop at this one for basic necessities like milk or bread or pet stuff. It's handy on the way home.

Anyway, there are no cashiers at the cash registers! I had to use the U-Scan lane. To say I was not a happy camper is to understate my reaction. I asked the store manager how a customer is to know when the store has cashiers in the morning. He said it varies as to when they come in. Sometimes by 8:00 or 8:30. There usually is the same woman there when I stop in early but she wasn't there today. He said he would have checked me out if I had asked. I inquired as to how I was to know that?

What a dork.

At one time in our newly married life I shopped at a no-frills kind of supermarket. They were the newest rage and if you bagged your own groceries you paid a lesser price. That's a fair enough trade-off. Well, I'm older and less inclined to just give my labor away without forethought. There's no extra discount at this place. It's just bad management to not have your store properly staffed. Don't get me started on the state of customer service in this country.

In case you needed further proof that Sam Brownback will not be the next Republican nominee for the presidential race, he said to an audience in Green Bay something about Peyton Manning being the greatest football quarterback ever. In Green Bay. Brett Favre, a terrific Mississippi guy, is the quarterback for Green Bay and the fans there think he walks on water.

What a dork.

Speaker Pelosi, aka Grandma Mimi, came into town yesterday. She was here for a grandson's first communion at St. Anne Catholic Church. He is the son of one of her daughters that lives here. There is a photo in today's paper of Grandma autographing a church program. Since she was in town she also had a fundraiser lunch today before winging back to D.C. The entrance to the event began at the $2,500 level and in order to be considered a 'committee member' you had to pledge to write a $10,000 check. Co-chairs had to commit to raising $25,000 per couple.

Just a woman of the people. "We've always been impressed with the way she rules with an iron fist inside that beautifully wrought velvet glove. You'd think she was a Southern woman," the host wrote inside the e-mail invitations. Really? Southern never comes to mind when I think of Grandma.

"We're honored whenever she comes," Pelosi's daughter, Jacqueline, said. Well, at least she was able to rake in the dough, kill two birds with one trip.

What a dork.


That Janie Girl said...

Girl, you are too funny.

srp said...

I wondered if you were going to come out with "Here's your sign!" That skit several years ago with Jeff Foxworthy and stupid people.

I can't believe a daughter would say "we are honored whenever she comes". Whoa! What cold, cold, proper but cold words! Grandma Mimi doesn't sound like she'll be receiving the "Mother of the Year" award! Glad she isn't my mom!

Beverly said...

I can't believe a store wouldn't have cashier on hand or have the manager tell you all you have to do is ask.

Thanks for the heads up about Brownback. I had heard just a clip of that, and I wondered what it was all about. I do love Peyton.

She's no Steel Magnolia!

Anonymous said...

Weeelll, Peyton IS the best ever, but even I would not say that in Green Bay for doofus' sake.

In my store, a cashier has to watch everything that goes through the self serve so they might as well check me out if you ask me. I have a favorite cashier and am so disappointed if he's at break when I go. I could tell a story of wild aggravation about our utlitiy company (who has no competition) and Jenny getting her service turned on for the first time. grrrr.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Dorks indeed!

Anonymous said...

oops forgot to say Michele sent me :)