Thursday, May 03, 2007

Race On

Oreo's collar is still one and the bell is still on it. Wonder of wonders.

The rain has passed through our fair city and I think we're good for a pleasant weekend. My husband, weather geek, has a local weather radar on his computer that he faithfully monitors. All seems to be clear and the tornado watch is over.

Is the Queen of England incredibly inspiring or what? The woman is 81 years of age and she de-planed and went about the tours of Jamestown and Williamsburg along with making a speech like she wasn't fazed at all. She was smiling and acting as though she truly enjoyed it all. I confess to gobbling up all things British and rightly so. My mother's family originated in England and our family tree involves founding fathers of our republic.

And, the Queen's hat? Fabulous.

The highlight of the Queen's trip is said to be attending the Kentucky Derby. Who could blame her? The woman still rides, too. Maybe if I partake in a couple of gins every afternoon, as I've read she enjoys, then I would have discovered the fountain of youth, too. Wonder if she'll enjoy a mint julep or two on Derby Day? I know I will as I watch the race for the roses. I love those beautiful horses.

The husband and I watched the debate tonight starring the Republicans running for President. Still not thrilled with the format. So many people on stage, running. All were good, except perhaps our Texas nut job, Rep. Ron Paul who is truly a Libertarian, not a Republican. He's like the stereotypical Southern eccentric (which is southern speak for crazy) Aunt. He's out there but everyone just kind of lets him slide.

Chris Matthews did an ok job, especially since I had such low expectations for him, a known snarling, spitting Bush basher. The questions reached some low marks, though. He and the guy from were doing some kind of tag team style of questioning. Some of the most likely to be waste of time questions: How do you feel about Bill Clinton back in the White House?, Would Karl Rove be in your administration?, What do you dislike most about America?

Cause, you know, Rove is much more dangerous than Islamo Facists and the threats of radical Islam to America. Some goofy questions from obviously left leaning questioners via e-mail questions to panelists. It was quite a contrast from the Dem debate. Blatant liberals asking questions, Republican candidates not missing a beat over the obvious bias. Makes the Dems look small and petty, especially refusing to use the Fox News/Congressional Black Caucus format as has been used in the past.

Mitt Romney was the most comfortable and polished on stage. He is the complete package, except for that religion thing hanging over him, I think. McCain was strong and I think more so than Guliani tonight. The rest didn't hurt themselves. Huckabee from Arkansas was surprisingly calm and steady.

The problem is that 18 months before the actual election is just too early to be doing all this stuff. We'll be bored silly by the time we have to go vote.


Anonymous said...

I missed the debate, so thanks for summing it up. I agree -- it's too early to get behind any one candidate. Unless it's to push them into the lake...

You've been tagged at my place, by the way! :)

srp said...

The Queen's plane must be outfitted with a bedroom where she can sleep comfortably or the jet lag would be horrible. It was all over the news here. Nyssa said the students could get tickets to line the street in Colonial Williamsburg but she had dorm duty during her parade. The weather here is cold, rainy and perfect for her to feel at home. She is to visit with a few of the students on campus today and Nyssa said she would be visiting the Wren building where she will ring the famous bell. It is strange to think that the Queen of England is staying less than a half mile from Nyssa's dorm.

Our local stations interviewed several people who were waiting for her to pass by and three ladies were from England. One said she had never seen the Queen before... lived in England all her life but had to visit the US to see the Queen. I do think they are bypassing Yorktown today though.

Beverly said...

Yes, indeed, I love the hat. When Charles married Camilla, I watched the doings on one of the channels and was just taken by the beautiful hats.

She is quite the lady for 81.

I was wondering how your weather was.