Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good Thing He's Pretty

Because John Edwards is one big no class act. I know the ambulance chasing trial lawyer/hedge fund money making man/perennial presidential candidate should have been the first clues. But he was making a decent showing as a concerned husband when his wife's cancer came back earlier this year. So, I had a little hope for his character.

Alas, it is not to be.

The Edwards' oldest child, daughter Cate, is dating a Georgetown University med student. He's a Republican. Gasp! The horror of the situation! Upon meeting said boyfriend for the first time, Edwards is quoted as saying, "I hear you're a registered Republican." Boyfriend said, "Yes, sir, but in my family we don't take politics that seriously," to which Edwards responded, "Well, son, in this family we take politics very seriously."

There's your open-minded liberal talking. What a supportive father.

Last night I came across an article written by someone on the American Legend's website. I learned that John Edwards has pimped out Memorial Day for the purposes of advancing his campaign talking points. He has made a video calling on Americans to bring signs proclaiming 'Support the troops, End the War' to local Memorial Day weekend parades.

The American Legend website states: "The families of those killed in war should not be led to believe that their loved ones died for a less-than-worthy cause. They died because they took an oath to defend this nation and its Constitution. The sacrifice is the same whether it's for a "popular war" or an unpopular one. Memorial Day should be an occasion to bring Americans together to honor these heroes. If you want to honor these heroes, visit a veterans cemetery on Memorial Day. Attend a parade without the divisive political signs. Make cards for the comrades of the fallen that are recuperating in military and VA hospitals. Lay a wreath at the stone of a departed hero."

Well said.


Anonymous said...

You conservative spitfire, you. I don't think he's particularly cute, for the record. And Ron Paul is beyond hopeless. I thought knees WERE resistant to sunburn- go figure. Finally, I wanted to buy stock in U-Scan, those vile machines, when they first showed up in our grocery store. I KNEW they were the wave of the future. My broker said nonsense. Why don't I trust my own instincts more? Please remove item from bag...please remove item from bag...

Anonymous said...

I don't think he's all that cute either. Even the Kennedy's accepted a Republican in their midst. By marriage, but still.

Beverly said...

He did show his colors, didn't he. Boo.

srp said...

From the medical profession, a little advice for said boyfriend...."RUN, SCREAMING FROM THE ROOM!! GET AWAY FROM THE GIRL AS FAST AND AS FAR AS POSSIBLE!" Edwards is such a snake, he would probably take a malpractice case against his own son-in-law! There are some things that love CANNOT overcome and this is one of them!

Those scanners? Perhaps you have to have an IQ or 20 for them to work right but the one time I used them it had a brain spasm... wanted me to take the milk out of the bag but kept saying I already scanned it! Schizophrenic, they are!