Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Deja Vu

I'm finding more than a bit of entertainment coming from the race between Hillary and Barack. They seem to be racing towards the farthest left position on each issue, upcoming primaries in mind. Hillary is an old pro, of course, and Barack is inexperienced enough to take the bait. Hillary one-upped him today with her speech pulling out the old Clinton standard speech on dividing the haves and have nots and denouncing the tax cuts that have made this economy the strongest in decades. She'll have none of that. She actually used the term 'robber barons' and then did the old reliable slap at Halliburton. There is no other international company capable of doing what they do but never mind that. If Cheney was there it must be evil. She thinks we forget Clinton used Halliburton, with no-bid contracts, too. Your money is her money.

This standard Hillary pap was lapped up by the adoring sheeple in New Hampshire as Barack was debuting his 'plan' for universal health care. He gave no new ideas and he plans to let the tax cuts expire in 2010 so he can pay for it. Your money is his money.

You know who's the winner in this? Edwards. He's moved to a strong second in all three early big primaries - Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Barack is third in the newest polls out today. Interesting.

The new book by Bob Shrum, the political consultant with a 0-8 record on big campaigns, like for the presidency, has brought to light some juicy tidbits. He talks of Edwards telling Shrum that he's 'uncomfortable' around gays. He talks of Clinton strongly against gay marriage.

Interesting. Most interesting of all is that the standard media isn't covering much of anything. They still bring on Hillary on the morning shows and gush, but they've been doing that all along, since she was First Lady. They're determined to have Hill and Bill back in the White House and let the good times roll again. Break out the saxophones.

Cigars, anyone?


Beverly said...

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thing is, Hilary might win a Democrat primary, but she cannot win the Big One, which is really the prize the party is after.

I still say it's way to early to care - I mean there are 36 announced candidates on the Republican ticket, with five "potentials" (oh lord PLEASE let Newt announce, the sooner the better!). To start spending intellectual OR financial capital on the race right now is, for me, a non-starter. That said, I'd be willing to place a hefty bet when the time comes. Hilary won't win the finalist slot, because it's been shown in every way fathomable that she can't win the title, ultimately.

Obama is making some mistakes, but something tells me that's only going to add to his appeal amongst the party bretheren before it's all said and done.