Monday, May 28, 2007

Remembrance Day

Yesterday's performance of Spamalot was two hours of laughter and fun. The silliness was nonstop and all three of us enjoyed it. A co-worker of the husband's, another engineer, was in the row in front of us so they were able to visit a bit before the play began. His girlfriend is from New York and they are big fans of live theatre, as we are.

It was really, really good and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys the crazy side of British humor. In true Monty Python style, they insult absolutely every group of people possible, but not maliciously. All in good fun. I love it when we look forward to something and it doesn't disappoint. We've had the tickets since last fall when they went on advance sale. We splurged on orchestra seats.

My husband said of those like John Cleese who were writers of the show, "well, looks like they're smoking the same stuff they were 40 years ago!".

Happy Memorial Day. Remember those who fought for the freedoms of our country and gave their lives. The husband and I have been watching "War Diaries" on the military channel. They are videos made by the troops in the field in Iraq and in Afghanistan and Kuwait, too. They are 30 minute shows and everything is from their point of view, completely honest. They shoot video as they go out on missions and the down time at base. The videos show them being silly to blow off steam and it shows the realities of war. It's an excellent series.

This country of ours is the greatest country on the face of the earth. I am proud and grateful to have been born an American. Others are dying to get into this country; no one is trying to escape. There is a reason for that.

Remembrance Day.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Spa,alot was a lot of fun. I love live theatre and the community theatres along the Mississippi Coast are surprisingly good.

I too am remembering those who gave all.

Anonymous said...

I was such a Monty Python fan- my favorites were the Larch and the Spam routines. My brother-in-law has finished his 3rd tour and 35 years of service and is finally done this pas month. If not for the likes of him I wonder where we might be? So thanks for remembering.

I thought of you today- I was working at the zoo, in the penguin house. The chinstrap penguins were bouncing off the walls with delight when the keeper dumped giant blocks of ice into their 18,000 gal. pool.

AC said...

I still use a few Python lines in my everyday conversation. The young generation has missed out if they don't know what I'm talking about.

srp said...

I wish we had gone to Spamalot instead of The Producers last summer when we were in New York. It was just across the street. I used to watch Monty Python on PBS all the time. My favorite lines were "the Spanish Inquisition" and "and now for something completely different"; it was all completely different back then.