Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Here's My Take

Yes, of course I watched the dog and pony show with the Republican presidential candidates. Why do they call it a debate? Too many people on stage, too little time for answers. How in the world can a person desiring the highest office in the land answer a question on the huge, pressing questions of the day in a minute or two? It's nonsensical. All they can hope for is to not put their foot in their mouth.

I still have nothing against any of these guys. Except for Texas' own, Ron Paul, because, you know, he's crazy.

I really, really, don't want to hear again how it is you can't be a conservative and pro-choice. I beg to differ. I am both, thank you very much. To let abortion be the most important issue in this election is to wish for folly in 2008. My most important issue? National security. It should be number one with everyone.

"Substance over bologna" is how tonight's arena was predicted to be by Newt Gingrich this morning. The bologna was the previous appearance with Chris Matthews and the Politico people. That was purely all about Matthews, as it always is if he's involved. He is the stereotypical baby boomer: it's all about me, me, me, look how smart I am, how evolved I am as a brilliant human being. Oh, I am so wonderful. Brit Hume is a class act, well thought of by both sides of the aisle in the political world. He ran a professional event.

I would have to say the most memorable moment was when Ron Paul finished his blame America's foreign policy for 9/11 diatribe, channeling every moonbat in the hater's corner, and Guiliani spoke up and asked to be able to respond to Paul's fantasy world. He stood and delivered.

Paul's toast. The rest neither moved up or down. No harm, no foul.


Anonymous said...

well I think I'm with you mostly. The debate left alot to be desired. I do think the second tier folks killed em and the first tier kinda faltered. I do disagree that a true conservative can be both an abortion lover and a true conservative. Abortion is about 623762762736 on my list but i'm still against it. I hate it but i just dont think Rommney, rudy or Mccain can win. And that is definately bad, the idiocrats as president?? yeah thats bad
just found you
ill be back

Beverly said...

Thanks for the report. I was not home, but I'm sure I'll hear all about it tomorrow during the day.

Michael K. Althouse said...

Hmmm - must've missed it. It doesn't really matter what any of them say, the Republicans don't have a snowball's chance in hell anyway. And no, I'm not a Democrat.

Michele sent me,


AC said...

I didn't see it either, for reasons I may find the energy to post about later today. I'll have to catch up.

I did see (and thought of you while watching) Laura Ingraham's *commercial* for OxyClinton on Fox News channel. I laughed as hard as I once did at SNL's Bass-O-Matic skit. Did you see it?

Anonymous said...

That was the BEST commentary I have read all morning!!! Thank you for your originality cause lately I have been so sick of all the political blogs out there regurgitating the same ole crap! You are brilliant! And, no, I am not buttering you up just because I tagged you with a MEME. For real.

srp said...

I think we let the courts set law back in the day of Rowe vs. Wade. Courts interpret... not set.

I think it interesting that the plaintiff in that case is now strongly opposed to abortion.

I think that life begins with conception and that life intertwines with that of the mother immediately in ways we will never grasp and because of this we cannot know the long term psychological effects of abortion on a woman. I think the supporters of free lance abortions have maintained a cavalier attitude towards this and done a disservice to all women.

I find it sad that if we as a society did not buy into the "moral standards are outdated" and "Biblical principles have no merit" mindset, all the controversy over abortion would not be an issue. Biblical principles are not just random... they were put in place for our benefit... life is simply put... better with them.