Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mickey Hates the Jews

As a recruitment tool, and a brainwashing excercise, a character looking almost exactly like Mickey Mouse is talking to young pre-school and kindergarten age Palestinian children. He is inciting hate and anger towards Israel, 'the Jews', and then the natural progression to America. Even Dr. Rice is named in the latest hateful tape shown on television. It is enough to turn your stomach.

I continue to encourage you to read blogs from those living in the Middle East. Look at It is an excellent source for those wanting to learn what is going on there. Not just Iraq, but the other Muslim countries in the region. Remember this when ignorant celebs say their hateful diatribes against our country and say that Christian evangelicals are just as big a threat as IslamoFacists.

When every hateful celeb and politician, including bin Ladin, are thought of as part of the 100 most influential people by Time Magazine, but not those doing their job like the President of the United States, you see how far this country of ours has gone downhill. The more outrageous, the more you are lauded. To think the President is not the most influential person on the planet is just so asinine, I can't even understand how these people buying into it all get out of bed and dress themselves by themselves every day.

Oprah Winfrey is endorsing Obama. What will her sheeple do now? Will they support her guy or will they go against their hero? Hillary is counting on women to not be able to think for themselves and support her because she's a woman. That didn't work out so well for the French woman socialist.

President Bush goes to Kansas today. I'm sure we'll hear some Democrat complaining that he didn't get there soon enough. We've already heard the governor of the state of Kansas sound like a political whore. Complaining from the time of the storm and daily since, that heavy equipment used by the state's National Guard is in Iraq now and not available to her doesn't make her look like a strong leader. Maybe she thought it played well to the haters. Maybe she thought the two Republican senators from her state would be replaced with fellow hateful Democrats. The problem is she is not being truthful. Fran Townsend, Deputy Homeland Security director was in constant contact with her and her office immediately. The hateful governor told Ms. Townsend she had every thing she needed. Both senators have be in touch with her office and even toured the damages with her personally and both have been told she has what she needs. Those leading the recovery say more people and equipment would only be in the way at this point. But, anything for politics, right governor?

The people of Kansas deserve better than that hack. She embarrasses me as a woman.

She reminds me of another disgusting woman governor - Kathleen Blanco. Both Democrats. Both blame the federal government and in particular the president's administration when your incompetence shows.

Where's all the Hollywood celebs and entertainers raising money, telethons, and photo ops on location to help out the town of Greensburg? It was completely obliterated. Not as worthy as New Orleans, which we continue to be told is more important than the Mississippi coast.

I ponder. Why would that be? Hmmm...


AC said...

When I heard the newsbreak on my favorite talk radio station and the topic was *because of Iraq, we don't have enough National Guard troops or equipment* I thought, when did Blanco get to be governor of Kansas? Then I heard later that the only thing requested of the Federal Government so far were some radios? (I actually forget the item but it was insignificant to the whine).

Then Obama, because he was weary, *misspoke* the causalties -- 10,000 instead of 10 (I know its slightly more). Oh, if the misspeak were from another's lips, the furor it would raise!

However, I KNEW you would take the issues on!

Beverly said...

That is all so disgusting!

David Edward said...

say YES to the MEMRI information - I forgot how good that site is. TY
maybe the republicans will nominate another actor ( fred thompson)
it COULD work.