Saturday, July 02, 2011

Alaska Expands Oil and Gas Exploration

The leadership in the State of Alaska is making prudent decisions and taking control of oil and gas exploration in the state.

The House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings announced his strong approval of a recent decision to use additional state lands and offshore waters for oil and gas exploration.

Thursday, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell and Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan announced a plan to offer additional state lands and offshore waters for oil and natural gas exploration. “I applaud Governor Parnell for his active leadership in increasing oil and natural production and setting important goals to ensure the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) remains full and operational. The State of Alaska is doing its part to increase American energy production and the Obama Administration needs to step up to do the same,” said Chairman Hastings. “All across the country, both onshore and offshore, the Obama Administration has repeatedly taken action to block and delay access to American energy resources. House Republicans have already passed legislation to unlock our energy resources and will continue to actively promote American energy production in order to create American jobs and strengthen our national security.”

The exact amount of acreage available for leasing has yet to be determined.

"For America's sake, we are setting an example for what other resource states can do," Parnell said in a speech to the group.

Parnell said the upcoming lease sales are part of a broader strategy to boost Alaska production to 1 million barrels a day within 10 years.

Currently, production is a little over 600,000 barrels per day, less than a third of the peak 2 million barrel daily output reached in 1988.

Way to go, Alaska.

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