Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't Mess With Wendi Deng's Husband

Watching the hearing in Parliament which spotlighted testimony from Rupert Murdoch and his son, James, I was struck by the civility exhibited by the politicians. Yes, there were bouts of snarky comments with which to contend - they are politicians, after all, and there are points to be scored - but they are just so very polite about it all.

At the beginning, as the hearing began, a couple of protesters in the audience stood and held up blue colored signs. The chairman presiding over the event simply looked up and noticed them, which caused his understated yet firm response: "There will be none of that". He signaled for security to take them out of the room and they left. Simple as that. No hysterics, no shouting, no handcuffs.

During the testimony of Rupert Murdoch and James, a bit of action caused an emptying of the room of those not directly concerned. A man identified as a London comedian lurched forward and hit Rupert Murdoch with a shaving creme pie. He is reported to have said something about billionaires as he did so, though those of us in the television viewing audience didn't hear that. Unlike in the U.S., the television camera immediately went to focus on a wall of the room and not on the people involved.

There was one lesson, however, that we all learned today:

Do not mess with Wendi Deng's husband. She will slap the crap out of you.

But those who know Wendi were not surprised to see her leap into action to defend her man. When a man in a checkered shirt burst into the room—triggering alarm but seeming to paralyze many onlookers—and slammed a foam pie over Rupert Murdoch’s face, it was his third wife—who was a volleyball player in her youth—who went on the offensive. Wendi lunged toward the attacker, pushing down a gray-clad woman in the way with her left hand and using her right arm to smack the guy on the top of his head.

It was a wonderful bit of theatre and I completely enjoyed it. The woman was magnificent.

Wendi Deng was calm and dignified, a breath of fresh air in her salmon colored jacket amidst a sea of gray and black, up until that moment. She sprang into action like a ninja and walloped the attacker on his head. Good for her.

So, while the English are sorting all of the scandal out and the American press openly enjoying it all, now we learn that the Dept of Justice will open an investigation into potential misdeeds in the U.S. by the American branch of the Murdoch empire, News Corp - parent company of Fox News Channel. Oh, the leftists and the willing puppets in the media are so excited about it all. It is no surprise that the Dept of Justice would be eager to jump in, as this White House has been caught specifically excluding Fox News Channel from interviews as they perpetuate the meme that Fox News is conservative and biased. To the leftists and their partners in the media, any channel allowing conservatives a voice has to be bad.

In the meantime, Wendi saved the day. And the leftist with the pie did Rupert Murdoch a favor - thanks to his attack, Murdoch received sympathy from the room and received apologies from the politicians questioning him.


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