Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Support Our Troops with USO2GO

Are you looking to make a positive statement amidst all the negative stories and actions out there in the world this summer? Here's an idea that made it's way to my inbox. How about supporting our troops serving overseas by contributing to the USO?

As part of the USO's work with the military, they encourage commanding officers to let them know exactly what troops need. In response, the military officers have told the USO what our troops need most is a way to relax and recharge. I can only imagine how very important some down time must be for those living in a war zone and in remote, difficult places.

The program is called USO2GO. You can contribute HERE.

Here's how USO2GO shipments work: Our troops request items to be sent to them on the front lines. These can include video games, sports equipment, musical equipment -- whatever they need to give them some downtime and a recharge with their teammates. The USO gets the package from home to them.

More than 400 USO2GO’s have been delivered to Iraq and Afghanistan since the inception of the program. These packages are morale-boosters in areas where there are no corner markets or PXs available to the troops. USO2GO delivers the USO’s most popular services to troops in remote and restricted areas. Everything from beanbag chairs, snacks, coffee, and toiletries to phone cards, DVDs, XBox®360, PlayStation® 3, and Nintendo's Wii™. Also available are laptops, musical instruments, art supplies, footballs, Frisbees and horseshoes. There are eight different packages available for troops to request.

Any amount contributed is appreciated.

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