Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate Campaign Continues Momentum

The Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate campaign continues to gain momentum. A new round of public endorsements, wins in straw polls, and strong numbers in fundraising contribute to proving the desire of Texans to elect a U.S. Senator with a proven record of standing up for Texans.

On the money front, Ted Cruz for Senate campaign announced today that it raised nearly $800,000 in the second quarter, more than anyone else in the Texas Senate race. The campaign has received 3,186 contributions to date and has donors in 241 Texas cities and over 100 Texas counties already. Notably, the campaign has also received 2,043 contributions under $250. The campaign has raised a total of over $1.8 million to date.

Some of the latest endorsements:
George P. Bush called Ted “the future of the Republican Party.”

Three former Republican Party of Texas Chairmen—Cathie Adams, Tina Benkiser and George Strake—urged conservatives to unite around Ted.

Hispanic Republicans of Texas said: “We are fortunate to have a candidate with Ted’s honesty and integrity…”

A recent piece in the San Antonio Sun-Express noted Cruz's skill in retail politics:

Cruz has undeniable strength as a retail campaigner. He is personable, energetic and passionate about the conservative cause.

While Cruz is steeped in lofty constitutional matters and federal issues, he is also a down-to-earth candidate who understands the political game. He talks the nuts and bolts of campaigning as freely as he does his crusade to promote a “free market economy.”

Cruz’s key message is that he is the candidate who has proven his determination and ability to fight for conservative causes.

He built that record as the solicitor general of Texas from 2003-2008.

His easy-going manner compliments his intelligent grasp of the issues facing Texas and Texans. His personal story coupled with his sincere delivery of his beliefs and principles of political philosophy are not lost on his audiences.

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Anonymous said...

Senator Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund just endorsed Ted Cruz, and that is HUGE! Cruz must be the best of the lot.