Saturday, July 16, 2011

Living in Obama World

I've decided I'd like to live in Obama World. I'd like to live in a world that solely revolves around me. I'd like to live in a world that would allow me to think it is a-ok to be so self-centered that I'd think I was entitled to it all.

It is hard to listen to Barack Obama deliver a speech of any sort - press conference, campaign event, special events - and not cringe. Well, unless maybe the listener is one of the hardcore Obots among us. Obots smile and nod and applaud and laugh for approval of their guy at every opportunity. The rest of us shake our heads and wonder what planet they inhabit.

During last Friday's press conference, the president made reference to his preference of thinking about new programs in which to enslave American voters instead of the boring stuff like the debt ceiling and spending reductions.

Maybe the most unknowing moment from President Obama's debt-limit press conference the other day was when he said that "I'd rather be talking about stuff that everybody welcomes, like new programs." Define everybody—and, please, let us know when the new programs are going to stop.

Yes, Mr. President. Please, stop already.

The Obots in the White House press corps didn't bat an eye. No questions about any new programs the Obama administration plans to hoist upon us next.

The President again claimed that "80%" of the American public polled want a "balanced approach" to debt reduction. Not only is the 80% number nowhere to be found in any polling data but to him, balanced means new taxing (revenues) and maybe a token spending cut somewhere - you know, like the Defense Department's budget. His base in the Democratic party loves them some Defense Department budget cuts. Entitlement reform? Not so much.

The Obots in the White House press corps didn't bat an eye. No questions about where he came up with his 80% reference.

In Obama World, the President and First Lady party like it is 1999 and appearances don't matter. Not only are there weekly soirees at the White House with the swell folks from Hollywood and Broadway and the music world but there are weekly golf games and pick-up basketball matches with all star players and nifty vacations, too. That's peachy in more normal times but these times aren't normal.

Following the party theme in the White House, President Obama is soon celebrating his 50th birthday. In standard Obama behavior, there are several tony parties planned for this occasion, reportedly in Chicago. Chicago is logical, since that is where he last lived and that is where his re-election campaign is headquartered. His parties are to serve as fundraisers for his re-election and for the DNC, too. The most ritzy of the celebrations involve tickets to be purchased for $35,800 - the legal limit.

Speaking of legal limits - the Obama re-election campaign reported that the numbers for the second quarter reports are big. What they didn't hype is the fact that they used 220 bundlers to reach those numbers and they were from very blue states.

Did the Obot White House press corps ask any questions about all those 'fat cat' donors? Of course not. Those questions are saved for Republican candidates.

Yes. I want to live in Obama World. It's swell there.

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