Saturday, July 09, 2011

Still No Meeting with Obama for Dalai Lama

He's done it again. President Obama showed great disrespect for an international man of faith in brushing off the Dalai Lama. Thursday, Speaker of the House Boehner and Minority Leader Pelosi met with the Dalai Lama on Capitol Hill. President Obama is refusing to meet with him, however, as he doesn't want to anger the Chinese government.

Ironic, isn't it? The GOP is the official party concerned with human rights and the Democrats, led by Obama, aren't so much. Obama, in particular, likes to paint himself as a non-violent kind of guy. He made much of being the anti-war candidate as he ran for President in 2008. You would think that he would embrace a man who has lived his life embracing non-violence and fighting for human beings living in tyranny. You would think that for most people, but Barack Obama is known as a guy who talks one way but walks another.

What Barack Obama fails to understand is that the Chinese government will not respect him, as American President, no matter which path he takes. By continuing to appease he shows no backbone. Obama was happy to host a State Dinner for the Chinese president in January 2011 though.

President Obama doesn't seem to understand that appeasement is weakness.

As Elliot Abrams wrote earlier this week on his blog for the Council on Foreign Relations, Obama is making a big mistake. The Chinese only respect strength and the administration’s determination to appease Beijing will pay no dividends for U.S. policy. The Chinese haven’t helped much on Iran or any other outstanding issue but that hasn’t stopped Obama from behaving in a cowardly manner when it comes to any issue that might discomfit the Communist leadership of the world’s largest tyranny. By taking a pass on another meeting with a truly inspirational world figure, all the president has done is to show once again how small a man he really is.

Well, at least the Dalai Lama didn't have to leave the offices on Capitol Hill via the doors by the trash bags. That treat is reserved for visits to the White House and the Obama administration.

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