Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pawlenty Holds Own During Meet The Press Interview

Republican Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty faced off with Democratic mouthpiece David Gregory on Meet the Press this week. A two term Governor in Minnesota, Pawlenty came out of the gate strongly denouncing Tim Geithner and Barack Obama for continuing to blame George W. Bush for our economic woes.

"How's the Obama approach working?" was the response to Gregory claiming that middle class wages never rose even during boom times with GOP "boilerplate" economics - cutting taxes and regulations. He stressed the need for job creation in the private sector.

"Are you too bland to be President?" actually came out of Gregory's mouth. Pawlenty said if voters are looking for an entertainer-in-chief, then vote for someone else. He said flowery rhetoric of past candidates has not changed where we are today.

On the Romneycare description - Pawlenty said it is difficult for GOP to have a nominee that will be successful trying to fight against Obamacare if you were instrumental in one of its models.

On Michele Bachmann, also from Minnesota, he said a difference is that her record of accomplishment in Congress is "non-existent". He touted executive experience in a public setting and his success as Governor. Gregory tried to get Pawlenty to condemn Bachmann's description of Obama administration as "gangster government". He wouldn't.

"We need structural, real, permanent change" in our economic approach. He want the Balanced Budget Amendment to move forward. "This is not the time for Rockefeller republicanism," he said, in reference to the quote displayed by Gregory from David Brooks' latest column, condemning Republicans. He said revenues are not out of balance, it is spending that is out of balance. Asked if he would accept revenue increases to get the deal, he refused to say yes. "Why is he opposed to a Constitutional amendment for a balanced amendment?" he asked, referring to Obama.

He said he supports the Ryan plan - "as opposed to the Obama plan of doing nothing" - but said he, too, has his own plan.

On social issues, the gay marriage issue came up and using Lady GaGa music. He is not for gay marriage, but for gay partners to be allowed benefits, for civil unions. He said there is no scientific conclusion that being gay is genetic.

No breaking news in this interview but Pawlenty held his own against Gregory. Wouldn't it be nice if David Gregory continually interrupted Democratic guests as much as he did Pawlenty? Or, better yet, show some civility and respect for all guests.

And to discuss the interview results? Yeah. Two liberals and Gregory. Typical.

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