Friday, July 22, 2011

Contessa Brewer vs Congressman Mo Brooks

Cable show host Contessa Brewer didn't appreciate Rep Mo Brooks' competence as he answered her questions on cutting the budget and the deficit problem in D.C. She went to the usual liberal attitude: "Do you have a degree in Economics?" she asked. Yes, as a matter of fact, he does. From Duke University. With highest honors, too. Plus a degree in Political Science.

Don't ya just hate it when that happens?

Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL) v Contessa Brewer:

Check mate, Rep Mo Brooks.

This follows on the heels of a bit of strange editorializing from Brewer concerning the attack on Rupert Murdoch during his hearing before the committee of Parliament.

Brewer described the event as the "attention getter of the day." She highlighted members of Parliament "looking on in horror and then oddly added, "And I think, in some ways, this encapsulates what the British people are feeling right now about Rupert Murdoch and those involved in this phone hacking scandal."

Considering that no one knew at the time what the man's intentions were and what contents made up the pie, it's odd to link such an extremist to the legitimate anger Britons feel over the hacking.

If you were watching the hearing, you would note that the members of the committee apologized to Murduch after the heathen attacked him and questioners complimented him on his decision to stay and finish the session after the attack. One even complimented his lovely wife, Wendi Deng, for her successful punch to the heathen.

So, instead of continuing with the vilification of a successful media mogul, the tone changed to one of subtle sympathy and a note of embarrassment from the committee members.


If you were to read the Wiki page on Contessa Brewer, with a big grain of salt, you would notice that these two episodes of journalistic lapses in professionalism are but a common thread in her hosting history. If she were as intelligent as she would like to portray herself, you'd think she'd get a clue.

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