Monday, July 04, 2011

Partial Relief Granted in Washington For Texas Wildfires

President Obama finally approved a bit of emergency relief for the State of Texas on our wildfire devastation. The wildfires began last December and continue to present time. Until now, Texas has been denied relief from Washington.

Governor Perry responded to the narrow scope of the disaster relief:

"President Obama's decision to finally approve a portion of our disaster designation request is good for Texas and some of the communities impacted by this season's wildfires. We will continue to work with FEMA to ensure all affected jurisdictions and entities receive the support they deserve after battling these massive fires since December. Our prayers continue to go out to those putting their lives on the line fighting these fires, as well as those whose property and livelihoods remain in danger."

This partial approval only applies to fires fought between April 6 and May 3, 2011, covering just a fraction of the fires fought in Texas so far this season.

On April 15, Gov. Perry sent a letter to President Obama requesting a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of Texas, which would make the state eligible for Direct Federal Assistance and Emergency Protective Measures from the federal government. The governor's request was denied on May 3. Gov. Perry appealed the president's decision on May 26.

To date, there have been over 11,000 wildfires in Texas since December 2010. It is past time for Texas to get some relief.

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