Friday, July 22, 2011

Wasserman-Schultz vs Allen West

Do not underestimate the political hackery that will come from newly appointed DNC Chair Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. She is vicious in her attacks against Republican opponents and spares no feelings.

Wasserman-Schultz created a juicy little distraction from the debate du jour in Congress - the debt ceiling negotiations. It was deliberate and it worked. The interesting part is that she didn't get to launch her attack and get away with it, for a change. She picked the wrong guy to go off on from the floor of the House.

Wasserman-Schultz launched an attack against Congressman Allen West. Both are from South Florida districts. Wasserman-Schultz has a history of attacks against West, including organizing a protest outside his campaign office during his run. That's right, a sitting member of Congress organized a protest against a candidate running for office.

In the fall of 2010, Wasserman-Schultz personally led a protest outside West's campaign office, calling him an "extremist" who "wears his extreme disrespect as a badge of honor" and "thinks it's okay to objectify and denigrate women."

She's a peach.

West is the first African-American Republican Congressman from Florida Reconstruction. Wasserman-Schultz is a white Jewish woman.

It began with the attack by Wasserman-Schultz on the floor of the House when West was not there to address her attack. Mostly it dwelled on the fact that they were both representing a large number of people who receive Medicare and she was disgusted that West was holding true to his principles of fiscal reform. She is fond of embellishment when it comes to truthful political discourse. So, he learned of it and sent off an e-mail to Wasserman-Schultz.

Here is the pertinent part of the message:
“You are the most vile, unprofessional, and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representatives. You have proven repeatedly that you are not a lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me."

Wasserman-Schultz is not accustomed to being called out by her target. West, however, is a retired military officer and knows a bit about self-defense. He was making his point that he will not sit by and allow her to continue on this path without response from him.

Wasserman-Schultz demanded an apology, naturally. She played the gender harassment card and got some of her posse of willing rubes, er, Democratic women, to hold a press conference demanding an apology. It was amusing to see that motley crew up there acting all insulted. Liberal women love to be the victim.

Rightfully, West refuses to apologize. He was wise to sent that e-mail to his GOP leadership in the House so as not to allow Wasserman-Schultz, who released it to the press for the publicity stunt to develop, to misquote it.

West didn't play the race card, though if he were a liberal he would have done just that. Wasserman-Schultz is fond of accusing the GOP of wanting to go back to the days of Jim Crow in the South and that is particularly insulting to West.


SWPAnnA said...

As Chair of the D.N.C., "Obama's Party," Wasserman-Schultz is the mouthpiece of the President who was the "Class Act" of the Century with his derision of the Clintons. Politics aside, the Floor of the House is no place to openly invite a schism in the Florida Delegation, and the leadership post occupied by the Representative from FL-8 should prompt her to remove her remarks from the Congressional Record, thereby observing professional courtesies, recovering a demeanor of respect towards those Constituents of FL-22 who may be something other than Medicare Recipients; i.e. taxpaying, actively working, possible future Medicare Recipients, and entitled to be represented by someone whom they represented to serve THEIR interests. Clearly a majority of FL-22 voters are less concerned with receiving the full-blown Medicare entitlements and more interested in getting the spending under control. Wasserman-Schultz SPEAKS FOR THE OCCUPANT OF THE OVAL OFFICE and has been tapped by him to focus all her attention and reputation on raising money for his re-election, and where surplus may exist after feeding the BEAST of his insatiable insecurity, funding the campaigns of game Democrats hoping to be returned to those Congressional Seats he so cavalierly traded for an "AYE" on Obama Care.

SWPAnnA said...

correction: someone whom they ELECTED to serve their interests, and FL-20, (Not 8, I was confusing her with Arizona's great Congress Woman, Giffords.) Wasserman-Schultz would do well to take a count of the seats that Dems LOST in 2010...not because of politics, but because of the manner in which Democrats were treated by the D.N.C. aided by "sell-out" Wasserman-Schultz who put her own ambition ahead of the interests of the registered Democrats of Florida. May 31, 2008, The Day The Democratic Party forfieted any right to stand on ceremony.