Tuesday, July 05, 2011

NEA Endorses Re-Election of Obama

The NEA is so corrupt at this point that they no longer even bother pretending a lack of bias in funneling PAC money into politics. The deal was struck during last weekend's national convention.

Despite a lot of hand-wringing, delegates to the National Education Association's Representative Assembly approved an early endorsement for President Barack Obama, and by a good margin: 5,414 delegates, or 72.04 percent, voted in favor, according to results that were just released here.

Got that? Long before any primary results from the opposition party, the GOP, enter the race, the teachers union is perfectly comfortable announcing their support for the re-election of Barack Obama though there is not even a clue as to who will be his opponent and now they will begin using PAC money to get their message of support out to voters.

Some disgruntled members wanted to demand that President Obama fire Ed Sec Duncan as a part of the endorsement deal but that apparently went nowhere.

And at least a few felt that the NEA should call for the removal of U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as the price for an early Obama endorsement—the delegates earlier approved a measure listing 13 frustrations with the secretary—but the call for Duncan's ouster didn't come to pass.

Oh yeah - the union voted to increase membership dues, too.

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